Hi. I’m Stephanie Lee. I am the “workaround warrior”. 

I write, paint, and push around all sorts of materials to create real-life art from the pictures in my head. I don’t waste energy breaking the rules just for the sake of rebelling. I also don’t waste time trying to know and follow all the rules. Instead, I find the workaround. My curiosity is too directed in finding a way around the rules/the schedule/the challenges than to get caught up in limitations.

I examine the dead ends and break throughs of my own artist + hero’s journey to help others find their own creative sweet spot and workaround flow. 

As an artist and instructor, I travel the world to teach in person and also plant flags on the internet to teach art online to daring creatives. The alchemy of this collaboration ignites the bright light of desire in the hearts of the participants to connect more deeply with their own unique, inherent creativity.

I mentor privately with women who want to live up to their divine potential, connect with creative clarity, and master the navigation of their busy lives to feel deep satisfaction with how they honor their time and life energy.

You can read about my life and messy art-cultivating on my blog. On my less-messy days, I speak to audiences about how to harness the empowering fire of the workaround warrior way to live the creative and vibrant life they imagine for themselves.

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